About us

CommoMed GmbH is the abbreviation of Community Medicine. Our mission is "medicine, the big molecule of the community of human destiny." The company CommoMed was established in Germany and is committed to the global integration of medical basic supplies.  We select high-quality products to optimize the distribution of medical supplies.

Why do you select CommoMed

  • Globalization

    Our company cooperates with many companies around the world, we select high-quality medical consumables from various countries seriously.

  • Good reputation

    Our company maintains a long and reliable cooperation with companies in Germany, Austria, Italy and other European countries as well as China, Japan ect.

  • High level of professionalism

    The staff of the company have extensive experience in major hospitals around the world and know clearly the medical consumables required from the hospitals. At the same time, we have established transportation routes with many countries to ensure comprehensive and rapid delivery of products to customers.

  • Excellent quality

    The products from us meet the import quality standards of different regions, and have passed strict product quality sampling inspections to ensure good quality.

  • Innovativeness

    We take the feedbacks from our customers seriously and actively, and promote to our cooperation team to further improvement.

  • High performance-cost ratio

    The products from us have good quality, reasonable price, huge selections, excellent performance-cost, and strong market competitiveness.

  • Win-win cooperation

    In the era of Internet, CommoMed provides a global and professional platform for medical consumables and provides customers and businesses with business opportunities for win-win cooperation