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Endoscopic Linear Cutter


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Technical Details

  • Product Name:

    Endoscopic Linear Cutter

  • Product number:


  • Material:

    ABS plastic, Stainless steel, aluminum tube

  • Weight:

    0,6 kg

  • Certificate:

    CE & FDA & ISO13485,GMP and Brazil ANVISA,Korean FDA, India CDSCO, Saudi Arabia SFDA

  • Application field:

    Abdominal, Gynecological, Pediatric and Thoracic Surgeries

  • Daily product:


  • Upgrade cycle:


  • Size:


  • Color:


  • Country:

    China - Victor Medical Instruments Co , Ltd

Product Information

    Endoscopic Linear Cutter:

    Single Use Endoscopic Linear Cutter and Reload (Flat) have below characteristics:

    - Reinforced and one-piece-beam design, ensure suitable dearance control and better staple formation. The green reload staple height up to 4.8 mm

    -  Extra/thin reinforced fixed anvil

    - The suture line is longer than cutting line

    - Grey reload with a curved tip at the distal end of it’s anvil

    - Single use blade

    - 6 Level angle adjustment from left to right

    -  One-hand operation