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Bladeless Trocar

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Technical Details

  • Product Name:

    Bladeless Trocar

  • Product number:


  • Material:

    OC, ABS

  • Weight:

    0,1 kg

  • Certificate:

    ISO13485, GMP, Brazil ANVISA, Korean FDA, India CDSCO, Saudi Arabia SFDA

  • Application field:


  • Daily product:


  • Upgrade cycle:


  • Size:


  • Color:


  • Country:

    China - Victor Medical Instruments Co , Ltd

Product Information

    Single Use Bladeless Trocar have below characteristics:

    - Patented bladeless olecranon design

    - Bivalved elastic sealing

    - Universal seal design

    - 12 mm optical trocar and extra-long trocar

    - Have single use Thyroid Trocar and single use Pediatric Trocar & Retractable Hook

    Single Use Thyroid Trocar have below characteristics:

    -  Independent visual stripper

    -  Widened thread

    - Small head design