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Silicone Self-adhering Male External Catheter

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Technical Details

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    Silicone Self-adhering Male External Catheter

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    S, M, Intermediate, L, XL

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    China - Ningbo Greatcare Trading Co , Ltd

Product Information

    Silicone Seif-Adhering Male External Catheter:

    - All silicone, eliminates the risk of latex-related skin irritations.

    - Clear, allows easy inspection of skin.

    - Odor free, no Latex odor.

    - Soft, breathable silicone, promotes healthy skin and greater patient comfort.

    - Built -in adhesive band is part of the catheter sheath and allows for ease of application while providing improved patient confidence and Ionger wear time.

    -  Five diameter sizes to provide superior patient comfort, proper fit and greater reliability.

    Ref. No. Size Diameter Latex Gty. Cs
    IDJ201411 Small 24 MM Free 360
    IDJ201412 Medium 28 MM Free 360
    IDJ201413 Intermediate 31 MM Free 360
    IDJ201414 Large 35 MM Free 360
    IDJ201415 X-large 40 MM Free 360