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Medical Mask KN95 (FFP2)

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Technical Details

  • Product Name:

    Medical Mask KN95 (FFP2)

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  • Material:

    spun-bond-non-woven, melt-blown non-woven

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  • Application field:

    Hospitals, clinics, beauty salons

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Product Information

    Declaration of conformity

    - This product meets the requirements of the "Administrative Measures for the Registration of Medical Devices" and related regulations.

    - This product complies with the classification requirements of the Medical Device Classification Rules.

    - This product complies with current national standards, industry standards,  and provides a list of standards that meet the standards.

    - Our company promises to bear all legal liabilities related to this if it is false.
    Technical data sheet of medical protective mask products

    Description: The medical protective mask is composed of a mask body (the upper and lower outer layers are spun-bond non- woven, and the middle is a high-efficiency melt-blown non-woven), a nose clip, and a mask band. The specifications are divided according to the population or packaging specifications of medical protective masks. The division of specifications does not change the performance indicators and expectations of the product.
    - Material requirements:: The medical protective mask is composed of a mask body (the upper and lower outer layers are spun-bond non-woven, and the middle is an efficient melt- blown non-woven), a nose clip and a mask belt.
    - Performance:

       * Basic requirements for masks: The mask should cover the wearer's nose and mouth, and should have a good facial fit. There should be no holes, stains on the surface, and no exhalation valve.

       * Nose clip: Masks should be fitted with nose clips and should be adjustable.

       * Mask band: The mask band should be easy to adjust, have sufficient strength to fix the position of the mask, and the breaking strength of the connection point between the mask band and the mask is not less than 10N.

       * Filtration efficiency: At a gas flow rate of 85L / min, the filtering efficiency of masks for non-oily particles should be ≥95%

       * Airflow resistance: When the gas flow rate is 85L / min, the suction resistance of the maskmust not exceed 343.2Pa (35mm H2O).

       * Synthetic blood penetration: 2ml of synthetic blood was sprayed on the mask at a pressure of 10.7kpa (80mm Hg). There should be no infiltration on the inside of the mask.

       * Surface moisture resistance: The level of water on the outer surface outer mask should not be lowerthanthelevel3 in GB / T4745-1997.

       * Microbial index: Masks should be sterile

       * Skin irritation: Mask material's primary stimulus score should not exceed 1

       * Tightness: The mask design should provide good adhesion, and the overall fit factor of the mask should not be less than 100