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Surgical Gown

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Technical Details

  • Product Name:

    Surgical Gown

  • Product number:


  • Material:

    Non woven

  • Weight:


  • Certificate:

    CE, ISO13485 Certification, meet EN13795 Standard

  • Application field:

    Hospitals, Cinics, Beauty and Salons

  • Daily product:


  • Upgrade cycle:


  • Size:


  • Color:


  • Country:

    China - Hefei C&P Nonwoven Products Co ,Ltd

Product Information

    Surgical Gown:

    Customized surgical gown has designed with safety, comfort and flexibility. We offer different fabrics which can meet EN13795 and AAMI Level 3&4 performance requirements.

    The variety of different material and models give you an option to choose the right gown for comfortable and protected procedure. Wide range of disposable surgical gown provides the advanced solution in different levels of protection to help protect patients and staff from the spread of infection during Surgery.

    General Information:

    - Knitted cuff design: soft and comfortable, can better fit the arm, effectively prevent bacteria and dust from entering, and is more protective.

    - djustable Velcro neck: Light weight, simple operation, strong practicability.

    - ull body protection: strong protection, can prevent the invasion of body fluids, blood and blood pathogens.