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Cesarean Section Drapes

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Technical Details

  • Product Name:

    Cesarean Section Drapes

  • Product number:


  • Material:

    SMS ,PP, PP+PE, PE+Viscose nonwoven fabric, etc.

  • Weight:

    0,40 kg

  • Certificate:

    CE, ISO13485 Certification

  • Application field:

    Hospitals, clinics, beauty salons

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  • Size:


  • Color:


  • Country:

    China - Hefei C&P Nonwoven Products Co ,Ltd

Product Information

    Cesarean Section Drapes:

    Disposable cesarean drape is made of non woven fabric which is soft, conformable ultra thin and easily applied to the skin. The sterile c-section surgical drape is also flexible, air permeable and 100% impervious to liquids and anti- bacteria. It can effectively prevent the drape from tearing during the operation. So there is less chance of compromising the sterile environment.

    General Information:

    - Transparency: The surgery c-section drape is transparent. It is easier to attach the film in the cutting corner;

    - The surgery cesarean drape is breathable, waterproof and anti- bacteria during the operation, and it can reduce the infection of incision;

    - The c-section surgical drape glue is made of 100% medical grade glue. it is no irritation to wound and no injury to skin when removing the film;

    - The cesarean surgical drape with iodine is available provide long time sterile for operation;

    - Support customization for materials, sizes, packaging, etc.