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Surgical Drape Sheets

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Technical Details

  • Product Name:

    Surgical Drape Sheets

  • Product number:


  • Material:

    SMS nonwoven fabric

  • Weight:

    0,25 kg

  • Certificate:

    CE, ISO13485 Certification

  • Application field:

    Hospitals, clinics, beauty salons

  • Daily product:


  • Upgrade cycle:


  • Size:


  • Color:

    green, blue

  • Country:

    China - Hefei C&P Nonwoven Products Co ,Ltd

Product Information

    Surgical Drape Sheets:

    Medical disposable surgical drapes are made of hydrophilic SMS non-woven fabrics, with rapid water-absorbing materials in the middle, and then cut and sewn into various specifications. It has excellent air permeability, high resistance to hydrostatic pressure and bacterial barrier, and has the characteristics of anti-alcohol and anti-blood isolation and absorption.

    General Information:

    - It has a good liquid diversion function, so that the liquid on the patient's body can be quickly absorbed;

    - Create a larger range of sterile areas to avoid and minimize the pollution during surgery;

    - Support customization for materials, sizes, packaging, etc.